The DSE Partnership online self assessment is secure, simple to use and gives users instant access to DSE training, assessments and reporting.It is ideal for companies with more than 150 employees and / or working across multiple sites.

Display screen equipment experience

We’ve helped organisations to meet their display screen equipment obligations and fulfil Health and Safety Executive requirements for many years. This includes supporting prestigious clients such as the BBC, the NHS, Rolls Royce and the London School of Economics.

Assessment options

If you need support with your company DSE testing, the DSE Partnership can provide:

Individual assessments

Our individual DSE assessments involve a personal visit from one of our professional consultants. This option is perfect for the smaller workforce and helps you to meet your obligations as set out in the Health and Safety Executive guidance. With this option, we observe each employee’s posture, physical workstation and working environment and help them to complete a short questionnaire. Find out more about individual DSE assessments

Online DSE assessments

For major corporates and public sector organisations, we offer online DSE assessments. This approach offers great value for money if you need to assess a workforce of 150 employees or more on a single site, or large numbers of employees across multiple sites. Find out more about online DSE assessments

“The DSE Partnership consultant has played a vital role in our efforts to tackle musculoskeletal disorders… the advice is always very practical and straight forward to implement.” Ann O’Brien, head of health and safety, London School of Economics

Let’s talk

To discover more about our London and Home Counties DSE assessments and what we can do for you, please contact¬†our director, Tim Hanwell, for a relaxed discussion. You may also like to check out our latest reviews; we’re always happy to provide sample testimonials from clients as their feedback is a huge testament to our work.