Beating back pain: features to look for

If you’re buying chairs for a team of people, we recommend that the following features should be included as non-negotiable in your purchase:
Adjustable back rests – these need to be able to go up and down, providing lumbar support. Everyone’s spine is different, so it’s important that chairs are adjustable to fit individuals
Adjustable chair back – this needs to adjust so that you can move it backwards and forwards, adapting to different postures. Some people find it very difficult to sit upright, whilst others like to be a little further back. Often many people find a ‘float mechanism’ more comfortable; some chairs have an adaptable tension adjuster, creating a more natural balance
Adjustable chair base – the seat base needs to be adjustable forwards and backwards, so that it can support people with short legs or long legs. There should be two or three fingers’ width behind the back of the sitter’s knee and the front of the chair.
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