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5 Most Common Workplace Injuries

The DSE Partnership Osteopath Tim Hanwell recently told delegates at the Workplace Trends conference in London about common musculoskeletal injuries in the work environment.
[clear] 1. Levator Scapulae pain
[clear] Straining the levator scapulae, found on the sides of the neck, is one of the most common workplace injuries. The causes of straining this muscle include: the mouse being too far away; carrying a laptop bag; wedging a phone between your ear and shoulder; stress/tension; and a cold temperature, which causes hunching. Remedies include supporting arms on the desk while typing/mousing; avoiding wedging the phone between ear and shoulder; keeping shoulder bag weight to a minimum; and stretching the anterior (pectoral) muscles.
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Back pain: how to choose the right office chair

Back pain is a major contributor to staff absence in the UK and abroad. Research produced by The Work Foundation in 2012 estimated that the costs exceed €12billion each year, with 80 per cent of healthcare costs generated by the 10 per cent of people with chronic back pain and disability. And the NHS reports that around 7.6 million working days were lost because of work-related back pain and musculoskeletal disorders between 2010 and 2011.
Whilst there isn’t a magic solution to preventing chronic back pain in the workplace, choosing the right office chair can make a big difference. So any employer who wants to reduce the likelihood of work-related absences due to back pain should look for the following features when choosing new office seating.
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