DSE assessments

DSE one-to-one assessments

DSE assessments delivered one-to-one by The DSE Partnership can help you to achieve highly robust, audit-friendly DSE testing for your business.

How individual DSE assessments work

Individual, or one-to-one, assessments are ideally suited for companies with up to 150 seated employees.
Prior to conducting an individual assessment, we will typically give a presentation to all affected employees, explaining the common causes of pain caused by VDU use and why DSE assessment can improve posture and reduce risks. This is followed by a Q&A session, so your team has a chance to raise concerns and ask questions.
One of our expert DSE assessors will then visit each employee in your workplace. It’s their job to observe and assess your team’s posture, physical workstation and working environment and complete a short questionnaire.
The assessment includes both a relaxed interview with staff, and a series of active tests to spot possible problems that could affect staff productivity, efficiency or wellbeing. As part of the DSE Partnership’s approach, our assessors routinely:

  • Discuss any musculoskeletal symptoms suffered by the employees
  • Analyse the workflow of each employee
  • Make necessary changes to the workstation
  • Give advice on future recommendations for optimum workstation setup.

This personalised approach is very effective at spotting issues that may be affecting employee health and wellbeing.

Benefits of individual DSE assessments

By working on a one-to-one with your employees, our assessment team can achieve significant benefits for your company.
Often, personalised assessments help us to quickly identify and resolve necessary adjustments (say, if someone has an unnatural workflow or is adopting a posture which may exacerbate health conditions). Otherwise, we will liaise with individual team members and then submit recommendations for improvements to the nominated line manager.
The DSE Partnership’s approach is to resolve problems on the spot wherever possible. For example, if someone’s chair is incorrectly adjusted, we can rectify this and reduce risks of back pain or discomfort in the workplace.
All the information we collect is entered into a database. This allows for more robust analysis and gives you extra insights that standard form-filling cannot achieve. Are there particular problems affecting specific departments? Are tired eyes or back pain common factors among particular employee groups? We can help you dig deeper and spot ways of running things even more effectively.

More about individual DSE assessments

If you’d like to find out more or get a quote for conducting DSE assessments in your business, please contact our team.