DSE assessments

DSE one-to-one assessments

DSE assessments delivered one-to-one by The DSE Partnership can help you to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity by reducing employees’ musculoskeletal symptoms. The DSE Partnership focuses on the employee; we refuse to be linked with any chair manufacturer or office supply companies so we can give 100% impartial advice.

How individual DSE assessments work

Individual, or one-to-one, assessments are ideally suited for companies who are looking to provide a more personal assessment to help understand each employees’ workload and potential areas of risk.

One of our expert DSE assessors will visit each employee in your workplace. It’s their job to observe and assess each employees’ working posture, physical workstation and working environment.

The assessment includes a discussion with each staff member, and a series of active tests to spot possible problems that could affect staff productivity, efficiency or well-being. As part of the DSE Partnership’s approach, our assessors routinely:

  • Discuss any musculoskeletal symptoms suffered by the employees
  • Analyse the workflow of each employee
  • Make necessary changes to the workstation
  • Give advice on future recommendations for optimum workstation setup.

This personalised approach is very effective at highlighting issues which might be affecting employee health and well-being or spotting potential risk areas that could cause problems in the future.

Benefits of individual DSE assessments

By working on a one-to-one basis with your employees, our assessment team can achieve significant benefits for your company.

Often, personalised assessments help us to quickly identify and resolve necessary adjustments. Otherwise, we will liaise with individual team members and then submit recommendations for improvements to the nominated line manager.

The DSE Partnership’s approach is to resolve problems on the spot wherever possible and suggest ongoing improvements.

More about individual DSE assessments

If you’d like to find out more or get a quote for conducting DSE assessments in your business, please contact our team.