DSE online

DSE online audits

DSE online audits are ideally suited to larger companies, employing more than 150 employees and/or working across multiple sites.

How our DSE online audits work

There are typically two parts to DSE on-line audits conducted by The DSE Partnership:

  • Completion of an online questionnaire by employees
  • Responding appropriately to symptoms or conditions that present a risk.

The initial research explores how your employees are currently coping in the workplace and tests whether you are meeting your legal responsibilities. This includes images and video content to help participants understand each question’s relevance, and can be taken at convenient times during work hours to fit your schedule.

Where symptoms or conditions may represent a risk, these details will be ‘red flagged’ by the on-line system. We will work with you to agree the best course of action for those employees flagged through the survey (for example, you may want us automatically conduct a one-to-one workplace assessment, to reinforce staff safety and well-being; we typically allow one or two days for this process, depending on organisation size).

If in doubt, our team can help you decide what approach will best fit your company needs. Whatever you decide, relax in the knowledge that our DSE assessments will give you a clear and fully compliant audit trail.