Lancashire DSE assessments

Lancashire DSE assessment consultancy The DSE Partnership offers advice and support to help firms within the county follow Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance and meet their legal responsibilities.
If you’re looking for help to conduct professional DSE assessments in Preston, Blackburn, Bolton, Rochdale or Lancaster, our expert assessors can get you on the right track.

Risk assessment expertise

The DSE Partnership’s team, created and managed by osteopath Tim Hanwell, has worked with a range of prestigious clients – including the NHS, Rolls Royce, BBC and London School of Economics.
Our expert understanding of DSE regulations and relaxed professionalism means you can let us handle all of your Lancashire DSE assessments – from workplace assessor visits, through to form completion and follow-up actions. So let us take the hassle out of your workstation assessments, while you concentrate on the day job.

Lancashire DSE assessment: what’s best for you?

Lancashire SME with less than 150 employees? Our DSE testing experience and many years of conducting individual DSE assessments is perfect for smaller companies lacking the expertise or time to manage the process.
We also cater for larger business, including corporates and public sector organisations with more than 150 employees. In those cases, online DSE assessments represent even better value for money and a highly effective way of getting the job done.
Looking for the most robust workstation assessment package on offer? The DSE Partnership combines online audits with one-to-one Lancashire DSE assessments. This approach triggers a professional assessment for any employees highlighted as a potential risk, mimimising the chances of risk tos taff wellbeing or organisational reputation.

For more about Lancashire DSE assessments

The DSE Partnership delivers professional, friendly advice on DSE assessments across Lancashire. To explore how our workstation assessment and risk assessor services can support your business, please contact us today for a friendly, informal chat.