London DSE assessments

London DSE assessment consultancy The DSE Partnership provides advice and support to help companies across the county to meet their legal obligations for health and safety, as laid down in Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance.

If you’re looking for help to conduct professional DSE assessments in the City of London and Greater London area, we will provide expert advice and support at affordable prices.

Risk assessment experience

The DSE Partnership’s team, led by expert osteopath Tim Hanwell, has supported many prestigious clients, including the LSE, Rolls Royce, BBC and NHS. Our expert understanding of DSE regulations combined with a friendly, professional approach will help you to ensure you’re delivering what is expected of you. So you can relax in the knowledge that your DSE risk assessment and management is in safe hands.

London DSE assessment:
what’s best for you?

Want DSE testing for London SMEs with less than 150 employees? The DSE Partnership’s experience in conducting individual DSE assessments will provide a strong foundation for your workplace health and safety.

For larger organisations (including public sector and major corporate clients with more than 150 employees), you may find our on-line DSE assessments a more efficient and cost-effective option. On-line testing delivers extra economies of scale, but you can be sure that the assessments underpinning the process are robust.

The DSE Partnership also offers a combination of on-line audits with one-to-one DSE assessments, for those companies seeking the ultimate in risk assessment. With this option, you can combine on-line assessments with a ‘red flag’; so any employees highlighted as at risk in the first stage are automatically visited by one of our medical professionals to explore their specific problems – thus avoiding risks to well-being and ultimately your business reputation.

For more about Bedfordshire DSE assessments

The DSE Partnership provides friendly, professional advice on DSE assessments across Bedfordshire. To find out how our DSE and workstation assessment services can benefit your organisation, please contact our team today for a friendly, informal chat.