London DSE assessments

London DSE assessment specialist The DSE Partnership helps businesses across the capital to meet the law on visual display units, as set out in Health and Safety Executive guidance

Capital experience in DSE audits

Lead DSE Partnership assessor and qualified osteopath Tim Hanwell has worked for many prestigious London organisations, including the BBC, LSE and the London Mathematical Society. His expert understanding of the national DSE regulations and friendly, relaxed approach will help you to meet your health and safety obligations.
Combined with our team’s professional experience and local knowledge of the city, you can be confident that your London DSE assessment and health and safety testing will be in safe, local hands.

London DSE assessment: which audit is right for you?

Need DSE testing for London SMEs with fewer than 150 employees? Our experience in delivering individual DSE assessments can help you to meet your legal responsibilities and provide a robust foundation for health and safety at work.
Alternatively, if you need to conduct a display screen audit for a corporate business or public sector organisations with more than 150 employees, the option of online DSE assessments may be more efficient. Online testing achieves greater economies of scale, but without compromising the robustness of your assessments.
To really achieve a ‘belt and braces’ approach, The DSE Partnership offers a combination online audits with one-to-one DSE assessments. Through this approach, any employees ‘red flagged’ as high risk by our online assessment can be visited by a medical professional. That will help you to identify and address their specific problems, and reduce the risk of injury and damage to your reputation.

Discover more about London DSE assessment options

The DSE Partnership provides expert advice in London DSE assessment. To discover more about how our DSE and workstation assessment services can benefit your organisation, please contact our team today for a friendly, informal chat.