Oxfordshire DSE assessments

Oxfordshire DSE assessment consultancy The DSE Partnership can help county-based clients to meet their legal display screen equipment responsibilities, as set out in the Health and Safety Executive’s official guidance

If you need to arrange workplace DSE assessments in Oxford, Witney, Didcot, Abingdon or Henley-on-Thames (or somewhere else in Oxon), rely on us to give you high-quality, high-value support. Your workstation assessments are in safe hands with The DSE Partnership.

Oxfordshire DSE audits expertise

The DSE Partnership’s company director, Tim Hanwell has worked with many renowned brands – including the NHS, BBC and London School of Economics. His expert knowledge of DSE regulations and friendly, reassuring approach is a core part of our business offer and perfect to help you achieve your corporate health and safety responsibilities.

Oxfordshire DSE assessment: what works best?

Oxfordshire businesses will find our team’s understanding of DSE testing perfect when you need help completing on-site audits. From SMEs with just a few workers through to major blue chips with hundreds of employees, The DSE Partnership offers substantial years’ experience in conducting workstation assessments. This means you can relax and focus on your normal job whilst we ensure your audits are fully compliant with the law.

We offer a range of DSE testing audits, including both online DSE assessments and individual DSE audits conducted by a medical practitioner. We offer packages to suit all budgets.

If you want to ensure the most thorough approach, we can complete a ‘red flag’ audit. This involves us completing online DSE assessments, but with an automatic ‘trigger’ so that employees identified at risk also receive an individual visit from a medical professional to check if additional actions are required to discharge your legal responsibilities and secure optimal employee wellbeing.

Discover more about Oxfordshire DSE assessment

The DSE Partnership’s Oxfordshire DSE assessment experience can help you to make sure you meet your legal health and safety obligations, and positively promote employee wellbeing.
To discover how our  services will get the best results for your organisation, please contact our team today for a no-obligation discussion.