DSE services

Using DSE services from the DSE Partnership secures you access to experienced and highly-qualified medical professionals, who can recommend the latest online ergonomic furniture and accessories for your business.

Professionalism and expertise

Our team focuses exclusively on delivering professional DSE services and workstation assessments for clients. That’s all we do, and we do it well; so you can relax in the knowledge that you’re working with industry experts.
[clear] All of our consultants are medically trained to degree level and have at least 10 years experience working in the private practice/hospital environment, treating patients with musculoskeletal symptoms. They also offer excellent understanding of the mechanics of the musculoskeletal system and how work environments can compromise employee health, wellbeing and productivity.
[clear] So when you work with the DSE Partnership, you can be confident that we’ll provide quality advice and a thorough, robust service to help you fulfil your legal obligations. And your team will be confident that their individual needs are being considered as we review workplace effectiveness and check compliance with national guidelines.

Local, flexible DSE services on offer

The services that we can offer to meet your business needs include:
[clear] Online DSE assessments for companies and public sector clients with more than 150 employees (either on a single site or across multiple buildings).
[clear] One-to-one DSE assessments for smaller businesses, and larger clients wanting to support individual employees with specific needs (such as conditions exacerbated by the office environment, or team members identified at risk through online audits).
[clear] Our team’s DSE services support clients across London and the South Midlands. We’re ready to help businesses in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Benefits of our approach

Working with a professional consultancy gives you that extra assurance you’re meeting legal requirements, so it’s a lot less hassle than having to double-check everything yourself.
We also work hard to keep things simple and straightforward – the last thing you need is to be bombarded with complicated information, so we provide easy-to-understand reports and present our recommendations in a clear, no-fuss way. This means you can focus on what needs doing, rather than trawling through hundreds of pages of reports.
To find out more about DSE services offered by our team, please contact us for advice.