Surrey DSE assessments

Surrey DSE assessment consultancy The DSE Partnership helps firms throughout the county to conduct their workstation assessments – so you fully comply with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requirements.
If you need help arranging professional DSE assessments in Guildford, Camberley, Dorking, Leatherhead or Woking (or anywhere else in Surrey), our team provides affordable and highly-recommended expertise.

Health and safety risk assessments expertise

The DSE Partnership’s expert team, directed by osteopath Tim Hanwell, offers a wealth of experience supporting major brands. Examples include the NHS, the BBC and Rolls Royce. By combining DSE regulations with professionalism and care, you can ensure your legal obligations are met and support employee wellbeing. What better way to take care of your DSE risk assessments?

Surrey DSE assessment options

If you need DSE testing for Surrey companies or local SMEs with 150 employees or less, our individual DSE assessments are tailored to your specific requirements. One-to-one visits by a member of our expert team to your workplace deliver the highest level of input, as part of your workplace health and safety approach.
With larger employers, such as public sector and major corporates, online DSE assessments provide even greater value. Through online testing you’ll achieve greater economies of scale, and a significantly robust assessment process.
The DSE Partnership also offers online audits with one-to-one DSE assessments. These are perfectly suited to larger employers and multi-site companies. Exception reporting means that you can ensure employees highlighted as at risk are automatically visited and assessed by one of our expert DSE assessors.

Find out more about Surrey DSE assessments

For further information on Surrey DSE assessments by the DSE Partnership, or to see how our team’s workstation assessments could benefit you, please contact us for a relaxed and informal discussion.