The Art of Sitting Comfortably

Did you know that correct sitting is not just about sitting up straight? If you are reading this whilst sitting at your PC, then ask yourself the following questions?[clear] 1 When seated at your workstation are your hips slightly above your knees?
2 Can you rest your forearms on the desk in front of the keyboard?
3 Is the top of your screen approximately at eye level?
4 Do you sit back in your chair or do you perch at the edge?
5 Do your feet reach the floor when you are sat back in your chair?
6 Do you work on a laptop for more than 2 hours/day?
7 Do you suffer from tired eyes or headaches at work?
8 Do you have any musculoskeletal pains at work?
9 Are you pregnant?
10 Have you returned to work after an operation?
11 Have you got a new chair recently?
12 Have you had your workstation assessed before?
[clear] If you answered ‘no’ to any of the first 5 questions or ‘yes’ to the last 3 questions then you should have your workstation assessed to prevent musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain, neck pain, RSI and eye strain.
[clear] The DSE Partnership can help with either a personal one-to-one or secure, simple to use online workstation assessment.